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End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) Portable antenna SOTA POTA

End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) Portable antenna SOTA POTA

This is a tried and tested highly portable light weight End Fed Half Wave antenna.  Designed to be lightweight robust and effective.


Built using a single Fair-Rite T140-43 core (49:1 winding),  TDK 1kv 100pF capacitor, BNC connector, banana plug connections, and  velcro strap.


The strap is used to retain the antenna wire onto the integrated winder.  It can also be used to strap the transformer to an antenna mast or small branch. 


Ideal as a verticle, inverted V or inverted L configuration.  Perfect for SOTA and POTA activations.


The single T140-43 core will handle 100w SSB or 25w CW/Data (duty cycles apply). 


The graphic is a sweep using a RigExpert AA54 of the transformer with a 3.2kohm resistor in place between antenna and ground.


Please see the following youtube video to see the antenna in the field.



The antenna is supplied with 21m of SOTA style wire, you may need to trim the wire to resonance on 7.000mhz.    This antenna will resonate on the 20m, 15m, and 10m with the wire provided.


Always check your SWR before using the antenna to ensure a good match between your tranceiver and antenna.


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