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BNC-BNC Common Mode Choke Line Isolator

BNC-BNC Common Mode Choke Line Isolator

These are simple wound common mode chokes consisting of a 5 meter BNC to BNC Patch Lead wound 12 times around a Toroid core of your choice (the images are 14 turns for a special order).  Giving you just over 3m of remaining patch lead.


If placed between you tranceiver and antenna you will get sufficient choking effect to isolate your Tranceiver from currents or noise passing on the outside of your coax.


If you have purchased one of our EFHW antenna you should position the toroid at the receiver and and then have the remaining 4m+ coax going to the antenna transformer.


Please not the higher the core number the more choking you will get on higher frequencies.  However, type 31 ands 43 cores are the most common used for HF application.


Cores can be run two in series.


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