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12v DC Antenna Rotator (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)

12v DC Antenna Rotator (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)

The Radio-Stuff antenna rotator was created to fill the gap between larger rotator designs and homebrew rotators made from PVC pipe. 


We’ve had these rotators out in the field for over two years and although they were designed for portable/temporary use some of our clients have them setup full time at their QTH.


All internal components are corrosion resistant with the main shaft being stainless steel, back plate 5083 aluminium, all nuts-and-bolts stainless steel and 3D parts are PLA or ASA if you require UV resistance.


The motor is a simple 12v 6 or 5 RPM geared motor.  The back plate is laser cut aluminium with a  custom motor mounting bracket.


We have desinged the rotator to use easily available off the shelf parts to ensure the rotator can be maintained in future years.


You will only need some additional two-core wire to connect the hand controller to the rotator head. 


Parts list


1 x 3M 3mm Pitch 10mm Width HTD Timing Belt

2 x 3M GT3 10mm Timing Belt Smooth Tooth Idler Drive Pulley

UP000 2 Bolt Aluminium Pillow Block with 10mm Bore Eccentric Collar Insert

10mm stainless steel shaft

12v basic reversable motor controller

Backing plate

2x1.5" Ubolts

Nuts, bolts and connectors

12v 6 or 5 RPM Motor


Review by M7DQO


"I've been using a 12v rotator I purchased from you a few months back and its doing an excellent job.


I've had a 4 element 6 meter yagi a 4 element 4meter yagi a 10 element 2 meter and a 15 element 70cm all working very well.


I've even put a longer pole on the top to take a 4 element 2 meter and a 10 element 70cm together no problem at all.


I have made a couple of modifications along the way but I'm very impressed with the product. I've been using these antennas for the UKAC Contests and other VHF UHF contests on my 12 meter racal push up mast on the back of my Luton box van.


I have just managed to get to 1st position of the foundation stations in the UKAC and have won a few leading foundation station certificates in other contests. "



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