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BCI Filter kit (Xiegu 6100 G90 X5101 ) and SDR radios 100w

BCI Filter kit (Xiegu 6100 G90 X5101 ) and SDR radios 100w

Our BCI filter kit is designed for radio amateurs who need to suppress unwanted signals from nearby broadcasting stations (or lower frequency emissions under top band).  A video of the filter in operation can be found here.


Using the popular “Popcorn” BCI design, this BCI kit is easy assemble and will support 100w peak SSB and 25w Data/CW.


This filter is an absolute must for must for Xiegu 6100, 5101 and G90 users.


The bare kit is supplied with.

  • 2 x T 68-2 Micrometals Iron Powder Toroid
  • 1.5m of .5mm magnet wire (solderable enamelled copper wire)
  • 1 x TDK RAD 630V 1000pF C0G high quality capacitor
  • 2 x TDK RAD 630V 2200pF C0G high quality capacitor
  • 2 x BNC connectors


Option of a 1m BNC to BNC lead and 3d printed case.


Or you can use this 3D print file to print the case on your 3d printer




Solder all the component parts onto the PCB as per the circuit diagram.  It's best to solder the two BCN connectors first on each end of the PCB.


You will receive one capacitor on its own (1000pf) and two in a strip (2200pf).  The single capacitor goes in the middle of the PCB, the other two at the left and right hand side of the PCB.  Then solder in place.


Wind half the magnet wire around the toroid with 22 evenly spaced turns (a turn is when the wire goes through the middle of the toroid).  Remember to leave a small gap between the ends of the wire.  These will go through the PCB holes. Trim the ends of the wire and remove the enamel.  Then solder in place.  Do not put the toroid both facing inwards on the PCB, this may cause issues later.


An L/C meter can be useful, you need to get the toroids wound to 3.3uH.  You can also check the filter using a Nano VNA looking at return gain.  You will see -db values starting at about 1.8mhz the -db values increases down to -65db at about 30khz.


If you need any help, contact us. 

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