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Ultra portable End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) Portable antenna Kit SOTA POTA

Ultra portable End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) Portable antenna Kit SOTA POTA

MK2 version of our smallest End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) antenna kit.  For ultra-portable use, weighing in at approximately 36 grams (1.27 ounces) when assembled using a Fair-Rite T82-43 ferrite core.


This is a perfect antenna to use with QRP tranceivers (Xeigu x6100, FX4-CR, Tr(u)SDX, ICOM705, Elecraft KX2 and KX3 etc. 


The PCB has been designed to allow for three different cores types ;

  • Fair-Rite T50 (5943000301) 5w SSB, 2w Data/CW, 80-10m bands.
  • Fair-Rite T82 (5943000501) 20w SSB, 6w Data/CW 80-10m bands.
  • Wurth (74270118) 10w SSB, 3w Data/CW, the best option for 40-10m bands.


The Kit contains;

  • PCB
  • Fair-Rite T50-43 toroid core (other toroid options available)
  • M3 fittings including wing nut and solder tab
  • 100pf capacitor
  • Approx. 1m enamelled copper wire
  • BNC connector
  • Cable ties


A case can be printed for the kit, this is available at Thingiverse part 6509489.  The case IT NOT INCLUDED in the kit.


As well as the core option we offer an additon option for 21.5m of antenna wire, a kite winder and velcro strap. 


Build instructions are here.



Please check your SWR before using the antenna to ensure you have a good match with your transceiver before use.


The Wurth core is more efficient on the higher bands above 20m do not select the Wurth core if you are intending to use the 80m band.


The Antenna Analyser sweep is for the transformer only version with a 3.2ohm resistor as a load and a Fair-Rite T50-43 core.

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