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EFHW antenna review by M0SZT

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

What a wonderful treat. I got back from my day job yesterday to find out that M0SZT - Camping and Overlanding had taken my latest EFHW portable 49:1 transformer design out into the field for a quick try with some success. Carls video,if you have not seen it his YouTube channel is a really entertaining place to be. Even more exciting was to see Carl work some DX QRP 10W in less than ideal conditions.

The antenna Carl used is the larger version of my mid size portable antenna transformer for 80-10m. It comprises of a light weight case made form 3D Printed PLA (other materials can be used on request), a Fair-Rite FT240-43 core and 100pF capacitor. Nothing new, just in a case that makes sense.

Due to Carls review I have made some adjustments to its design and they are now in production with deliveries starting from the 9th April.

Thanks Carl and keep up the good work.

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