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Multi port simple PTT switch

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Last year when I had a Liner Amp and my MFJ-1025 Noise Canceller setup in the shack I really was worried about the need to switch in the AMP and out the Noise Canceller at the same time.

So after a few minutes googling I came across exactly what I needed. I read about a PTT breakout box from here ( This seemed to do exactly what I wanted. So I contacted G4DCV and asked him if it was OK if I copied his design, thankfully he said yes. So I had 20 circuit boards made. Providing I have the circuits done correctly, I will test one at my home QTH then they will be available as a self build kit here soon.

They work by connecting 12v DC and the PTT from your transceiver to the input side, then you can have up-to four PTT outs. A great way to have one PTT out from the transceiver and upto 4 devices connected.

For example one each to your Linear, Noise Canceller and Transverter.

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